We design thermal systems

Our latest projects:

  • Design of CSP system for process heat

    Design of CSP system

    SOLEM designed a concentrating solarthermal system for feed-water preheating of a steam boiler in a meat-processing plant. The system uses parabolic trough collectors provided by a German manufacturer and a hot water storage tank of 20,000 litres. The system was planned, installed and commissioned in 2015.

  • SOLEM publishes text book

    SOLEM publishes text book

    Solar cooling is gaining increasing importance worldwide. The technology race between solar thermal and solar electric driven cooling process is explained in a new textbook of SOLEM Consulting. Available soon: Arabic edition of the book.

  • Design of a trigeneration system for zero energy building

    Design of a trigeneration system for zero energy building

    SOLEM designed a solar thermal system that produces electricity, air conditioning and hot water for a university building of UTS in Sydney, Australia. It utilises an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for electricity production, an absorption chiller for chilled water production…