Feasibility studies

Assessment on the Commercial Viability of Solar Cooling Technologies and Applications in the Arab Region (2015)

The scope of this assessment was to identify the most efficient, reliable and cost competitive solar cooling technology for the Arab region. The assessment investigates the commercial viability of solar cooling technologies in 22 Arab countries to assist a strong and sustainable market development.

It provides:

  • An introduction about the status of solar cooling technologies at world level, market status and available products.
  • An identification of the commercialized solar cooling technologies at world level and the life cycle analysis at system level adapted for the Arab region characteristics.
  • An identification of most economically viable and applicable solar cooling technologies for the Arab world based on expert forecasts.
  • An identification of international leaders, researchers, research institutions and companies involved in solar cooling technologies.
  • A recommendations to policy-makers for the initiation of solar cooling R&D programs.
  • An estimation of annual cost to the public budget of proposed actions.
  • Recommendations to follow-up.


Date: 2015


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Feasibility study of a Solar Cooling System (2010)

SOLEM undertook a design and feasibility assessment for a solar heating and cooling system for Echuca Regional Heath in Echuca, Victoria, Australia. The study analysed a 300m2 evacuated tube solar collector field producing hot water driving an absorption chiller co-fired with natural gas. The system was constructed in 2010.