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Design and comissioning of parabolic trough array

SOLEM designed and commissioned a concentrating collector array for a solar cooling system in a shopping mall in Newcastle/Australia. The solar array has been installed on the Charlestown Square Shopping Centre in Charlestown, NSW, Australia. It consists of 12 parabolic trough collectors, powering a double-effect 233 kWr ABsorption chiller providing chilled water to a central […]

Design of a solar cooling system

SOLEM designed a solar cooling system for an office building in Abu Dhabi / UAE. The system has been installed next to an office building of Abu Dhabi’s National Energy Company PJSC (TAQA) in Abu Dhabi. It consists of 27 micro fresnel collectors, powering a double-effect ABsorption chiller and providing chilled water to the central […]

Design of a trigeneration system for zero energy building

SOLEM designed a solar thermal system that produces electricity, air conditioning and hot water for a university building of UTS in Sydney, Australia. It utilises an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for electricity production, an absorption chiller for chilled water production and from the condenser of both these units it generates hot water for the building, […]

Design of a 1MW process heat system

SOLEM designed a concentrating parabolic trough array of 1MW thermal power for a dairy company in Spain. The system was designed to deliver process heat at 220°C using thermal oil. The heat is used to generate steam which feeds into an existing steam supply system.  

Complete product range design

SOLEM designed and modelled a packaged product range of commercial solar hot water systems. This was a range of pre-designed systems that were able to be sold by an Australian manufacturer for all applications of commercial solar hot water. The product ranged from 8m2–60m2 of solar thermal collector area, and slowly adapted in design as […]

CSP System for process heat

SOLEM provided the design of a concentrating parabolic trough array in 2015. The system is being used to pre-heat the feed water of a steam boiler used in a meat-processing plant in Sieghartskirchen/Austria. The array consists of 36 parabolic trough modules which provide feed water at 107 °C/224 °F. A hot water storage tank with […]

Feasibility studies

Assessment on the Commercial Viability of Solar Cooling Technologies and Applications in the Arab Region (2015) The scope of this assessment was to identify the most efficient, reliable and cost competitive solar cooling technology for the Arab region. The assessment investigates the commercial viability of solar cooling technologies in 22 Arab countries to assist a […]

Proof of Concept Analysis

In 2010 SOLEM provided consulting services for a leading Australian manufacturer of solar thermal systems. This included the design of a concept for a solar plant in the multi-MW range, combined with the generation of tender documents. SOLEM conducted a proof-of-concept analysis of the system for several variations and generated all essential tender documents.

10 day seminar on solar cooling

In 2010, SOLEM conducted a 10-day seminar on the topic of solar cooling for a research institute in the Middle East. Both theoretical and practical skills were conveyed, e.g. in system simulation and design. Field trips, plant and site visits completed the program. The pictures below show impressions of the site visits.