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IEA-SHC Task 65 “Solar Cooling for the Sunbelt Regions” under leadership of SOLEM Consulting


Prof. Paul Kohlenbach and Prof. Uli Jakob are leading the new IEA-SHC-Task 65. Uli Jakob is the Operating Agent, Paul Kohlenbach has taken on leadership of Subtask D, Dissemination. More informationen on the Task can be found here.

Titlepage Arabic Edition

NEW: “Solar Cooling” now available in arabic language

The english text book “Solar Cooling” is now available in arabic language.

SOLEM publishes text book

Solar cooling is gaining increasing importance worldwide. Currently, experts carefully monitor the technology race between solar thermal and solar electric driven cooling processes. A new English textbook written by the two directors of SOLEM Consulting, Dr Paul Kohlenbach and Dr Uli Jakob, explains both methods in detail and provides comprehensive information. The book has been released in July 2014 and provides answers to the following questions:

  • Which markets / what potential is there for solar thermal cooling?
  • Where and under which conditions do these systems operate economically?
  • What are the important design criteria?
  • What must be observed during installation and maintenance?
  • How do solar panels, thermal chillers, cooling distribution and storage work?
  • Which solar cooling systems already operate successfully around the globe?Buch Cover

The book includes the following chapters:

  • Solar thermal collectors
  • Solar cooling technologies
  • Cold distribution
  • Storage components
  • Designing and sizing
  • Installation, operation and maintenance
  • Economic feasibility
  • Potential markets
  • Case studies.

The book “Solar Cooling” is recommended for engineers, architects, consultants and planners, businesses, students and all those interested in this technology.


Recent and upcoming events

  • 24.08.2023 – Presentation – International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR) 2023, Prof. Paul Kohlenbach/Prof. Uli Jakob:”The Potential of Photovoltaic Green Cooling with Natural Refrigerants“, Paris/France
  • 18.11.2022 – Presentation, DKV Tagung 2022, Prof. Paul Kohlenbach: “New Developments for the Use of Natural Refrigerants“, Magdeburg/Germany
  • 29.09.2022 – Presentation, EuroSun Konferenz 2022, Prof. Dr. Paul Kohlenbach: “How To Cool A Warming World? – The Potential of Photovoltaic Green Cooling with Natural Refrigerants in Sunbelt Countries“, Kassel/Germany
  • 09.06.2022 – Webinar, GIZ Proklima, Green Cooling Initiative, Prof. Dr. Paul Kohlenbach: “Solar PV powered Green Air Conditioning in Buildings: Market Trends and Economic Analysis“, Online